Sunday, 24 April 2016

Report Tour Eritrea 2016 Stage 2

Dekemhare Blog The second stage of Tour Eritrea 2016, has continued with today's race that covered 117 km from Teseney to Barentu. All the cyclists have traveled together until they reached Barentu. At the final sprint, however, Eritrean Meron Tosheme from a German Team - Bike-Aid- stood first, while Eritreans Meron Abrham from Salina and Meron Amanuel from Bike-Aid teams have completed the race as second and third respectively. With this result, Eritrean Yonatan Hailu from Salina secured the yellow jersey for his second consecutive day. At national level, the Rwandan national team is leading the tour. It is to be recalled that Yonatan Hailu from Salina was stage winner in the race of 19 April that covered 112 km in the Barentu-Teseney route.

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